In memory of Manny

We honor the memory of our late Superintendent of 43 years, with the naming of the 2232 walkway:


The dedication ceremony began at 3PM on Wed., June 18, 2008 with the unveiling of the"Manuel Castro Way" sign, which was installed on the light post in the triangle of the 2232 walkway. The weather on the day of the event was perfect, sunny and cool. It was originally planned to be a small service, with only our staff and available Board members. However, the day before the ceremony, it was decided to send out notices inviting shareholders, with the thought that a few long timers might want to attend. To our pleasant surprise, about 50 or more shareholders showed up. Lew Kobak, whose professional and personal relationship with Manny spans the entire 43 years, performed the dedication with a speech about Manny, his 43 year history with Brigham 4, his dedication to our co-op., his conscientiousness, capabilities and more. The impression was that it was received well by the entire crowd and felt well deserved and a nice way to honor Manny’s memory with a respectfully presented dedication.



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